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PhIRDA Delegation visited VFA & BDI

Led by Executive President Song Ruilin, PhIRDA delegation visited German Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (VFA) in Berlin on the morning of July 3rd, and met with Mr. Harald Zimmer, Head of the Department of International Affairs, Ms. Tina Taube, Project Lead of Patient Access & Global Reimbursement Regulation and Mr. Jan Bungenstock, Senior Manager of Reimbursement System and strategy.

PhIRDA delegation visited VFA

Mr. Harald Zimmer made a brief introduction of VFA. As the trade organization of research-based pharmaceutical companies in Germany, VFA is consisted of 43 leading research-based pharmaceutical companies, about 80,000 employees in Germany and investment of EUR 6 billion per year in pharmaceutical research. The VFA members represent more than two-thirds of the German pharmaceutical industry, which is highly competitive in the international markets.


Prof. Song introduced PhIRDA and the delegation to VFA. He said, as an innovative pharmaceutical association in China, PhIRDA is engaged in promoting the innovation and development of Chinese pharmaceutical industry. For jointly facing challenges, PhIRDA hope to promote the further communication and corporation with VFA, strengthening the research on medical policies and healthcare systems, propelling the comprehensive bilateral corporation in pharmaceutical innovation. Ms. Tina Taube introduced German drug reimbursement system and its influence on drug innovation.


The delegation visited the headquarter of Bayer Group afterwards, Mr. Lars Brüning, Head of International market access of Bayer Healthcare company, and Mr. Faten Gaber, Head of International Drug Policy, comprehensively met with PhIRDA Delegation and had a productive discussing about the development of German pharmaceutical industry and innovation policies, as well as the potential bilateral cooperation with each other.

The delegation visited Bayer


Group Photo

On the afternoon, the delegation visited The Federation of German Industries (BDI), and had a fruitful meeting with Mr. Friedolin Strack, Head of Department of International Markets of BDI, Managing Director of Asia-Pacific Committee of German Business (APA), Ms. Patricia Schetelig, Deputy Head of Department International Markets, Mr. Ferdinand Schaff, Senior Manager Greater China of APA, Ms. Diana Peters, Coodinator of Health Crises and Health System Strengthening of the German healthcare Partnership (GHP).

Meeting with BDI


Executive President Song Ruilin and Mr. Friedolin Strack, Head of Department of International Markets of BDI


Found in 1952 in Berlin, the Federation of German Industries (BDI) is a social organization on behalf of numerous industry sectors and industrial service sectors in Germany. With deep participation in policy-making and industry self-discipline, BDI aims to maintain the interests of Germany industry, facilitate its development, and increase the international competitiveness. It currently includes 36 membership associations and serves for over 100,000 membership companies and their 8 million employees. German Healthcare Partnership (GHP) is an affiliated medical association of BDI.


The two sides made a warm discussion on the role of the industrial association in policy making and the innovative environment in healthcare, and reached a consensus that only the mutual communication and understanding leads to the significant cooperation between China and Germany, and achieves a win-win situation.